Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Difficulties of terroism

Terrorism is hard to prevent internationally. Unfortunately, it affects everyone in some sort of way and is the number one issue that concerns me nowadays. Terrorism causes frustration & conflict and friction. Also chaos and mass panic lots of problems that can't be counted. Terrorism is hard to stop and prevent, it's happening / happened in so many places such as France, Russia, Boston, New york and so may places. Terrorism is hard to stop because terrorists are very smart, America judges their intelligence and lack of knowledge. But that isn't true terrorist could be ordinary people who went through school, Simon Cottee states. "Anybody who doubts the technical ability of isis might want to watch a documentary Fallujah that includes some remarkable camera work." Therefore underestimting isis/terrorist is allowing America put its guard down . Terrorists are very skillful and know exactly what they are doing even if it involves a camera which could just be light work for them, but imagine what else they can do if using a camera can just be one of the great things they are good at.

The people affiliated with Isis are ordinary people doing extreme damage in a forceful way in a big number for instance "undermining terrorist propaganda and dissuading potential recruits."
 Isis is clever they use technology to their advantage. In fact ", In their videos they try to also persuaded people to join, by just using information."  Even so America can never underestimating anything especially if it involves a dangerous international / non-international group that can in danger the lives of many such as isis that's why keeping an open mind is important.

 In any conflict,  there are always two sides to this argument for instance isis is hard to stop, but others may say " we know how to dismantle that organization, we understand this enemy." America is one of the most powerful places, so ifs extremely hard to penetrate our systems. Furthermore America had the best technology and have very intelligent people , so it would be difficult to get something done. However in a way we don't we can never figure out their moves. we can try to figure it out  pieces by pieces  which take time.  "The scale of attacks on US soil might be less accruing to Flynn, nut but no stresses that these are kind of attacks that are more difficult to prevent." Isis can't not be defeated if more work can no the done to prevent people who commit acts o f violence.

In conclusion terrorism is hard to prevent but in the end not impossible. Unfortunately everywhere people go , no matter where they are there is always a sense of danger lurking, and people are more vigilant. Isis isn't hard to stop these days. Isis is difficult to comprehend in a way. but in the end if America works hard to prevent, resolve and conclude a way to stop isis from terrorizing than life would be a lot easier and safer. Not having to worry about terrorist groups would be a great accomplishment to see in the future. Don't you think?

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